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Free Outdoor Sessions at BV

Beaumont Village is offering completely FREE outdoor group fitness sessions for members of the local community.

These sessions run every weekday (excluding public holidays) by experienced trainers from Snap Fitness on the grassy knoll outside at Beaumont Village, or under cover in the car park if it is raining. The classes cater for all fitness levels.

Each class starts at 9:30 am and runs for 45 minutes long. Sessions are capped at 20 attendees.

Come and join members of your community in making new friends, getting fit and healthy!

Weekly Timetable 

  • Monday: 3 Ts (Thighs, Triceps & Tummies)
  • Tuesday: Pilates
  • Wednesday: Functional Fit
  • Thursday: Boxing
  • Friday: Yoga
Mats will be separated to allow for social distancing and masks are optional. Snap Fitness has asked for participants to pack their own wipes in case equipment needs to be shared.
We invite you to sign up today and book your next session. Just click the Book Now button here or below. If this is your first session, you will need to complete a registration form, otherwise simply log in using your previously saved email and password.
Please note, you can only book one week ahead, and all attendees must book online to secure your spot beforehand.